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Stress-free tax. No more lost receipts. Join over 150,000 users of 1Tap

Never lose a receipt or invoice again – ensure you get all the deductions you are entitled to. Simply snap a photo of your receipts with the app, and forward electronic invoices to your 1Tap email address.

Your income and expenses are stored securely in the cloud so that you can access them anytime, and categorised ready to be included in your tax return, shared with me, or downloaded as a spreadsheet.

Get your maximum tax deductions

With 1Tap Tax you can easily keep track of and share your expenses with me throughout the tax year, so that you never miss out an another deductions due to lost or forgotten receipts and invoices.

I am always available to answer any queries at no extra cost, to help you get all the deductions which are due to you, take advantage of any reliefs or allowances you are entitled to, and plan so that you are working tax efficiently.

Save time, and be sure your tax is right

Doing your own tax can be confusing. You can waste a lot of time and never really know whether you’re doing it correctly or if there’s something you are missing.

I do everything I can to make the process quick and easy for you. You get 1Tap Receipts included for free, to make recording and transferring your information to me easy, with no need to input data or store paper.

No dealing with HMRC

As a registered agent I have access to a dedicated HMRC helpline, so I can communicate with HMRC efficiently. I register as your tax agent and deal with HMRC on your behalf. This means you no longer have to spend hours waiting for them to answer the phone during work hours, or chasing your issue around different departments.

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