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Relief is given for the replacement of domestic items to all landlords of residential property, regardless of the extent to which the property is furnished – the previous wear and tear allowance was only available for furnished properties.

The relief is not available for accommodation that has qualified as a furnished holiday let, or where rent a room relief is claimed.

The relief applies to the replacement of ‘domestic items’, which includes:

  • Moveable furniture such as beds, wardrobes and sofas
  • Furnishings such as carpets and curtains
  • Appliances such as fridges and televisions

For the relief to apply, the old item must no longer be available, and the item must be for the sole us of the lessee.

The relief does not apply to fixtures which are part of the house, such as fitted ovens, bathroom suites, and radiators. Replacement of these items is tax deductible as a repair to the property as a whole.

Replacement of domestic items relief applies only to the replacement of furniture, not to its initial acquisition. If the original purchase of the property is structured so that furniture is included in the purchase price, any new furniture bought will be a replacement and should qualify for the relief.